Concrete Canoe

2014 Concrete Canoe at Regional Competition


Texas A&M's Concrete Canoe team has a long history of success at both Regional and National competitions. The team designs, constructs and races canoes made entirely from concrete and reinforcement. A design paper is submitted each year for competition and the team captains give an oral presentation and are subjected to a question and answer session by regional judges. Each year is themed to reflect the overall goals of the team, a tactic that is not widely used and certainly sets us apart. From this theme the canoe is strained and an elaborate display board is built. No matter your area of interest in Civil Engineering, the canoe team can put your skills to work.

Pumping Concrete into the Canoe Mold


Reinforcement of the Canoe

Schedule of Events:

We are in the lab every Thursday at 5 p.m. and most Saturdays at 10 a.m. to work on the canoe and display. Every Friday at 5 p.m. we go out to lake Bryan to practice paddling and hang out.


How to join:

Contact one of the members below for more information. To be a member one must show up to meetings regularly and be helpful while there. 



Fall 2014

Cynthia Niemeyer

Shannon Clinard


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Upcoming ASCE Events

January 28, 2014

ASCE General Meeting

CE 110

6:00 PM 

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